About Robust Brakes

Robust Brakes is a professionally managed company run by a group of manufacturers and management professionals with top-level manufacturing technology and expertise Robust Brakes has pioneered the development and formulation of frictional material comprising Heavy duty brake shoes, Lined brake shoes, Brake pads, Rivets, Hardware kits etc .

Robust Brakes has state-of-art in-house design facilities that provide the company with the necessary infrastructure to carry out design and development work to meet increasing customer demands. We have our own in-house R&D facility at the manufacturing unit.

We are the leading exporters of brake shoes and trailer parts for heavy duty vehicles. We have our own independent after market sales network pan India. In addition we are OE suppliers to Jost India.

Being a part of Brake Industries, we understand that brakes are the key element for the safety on the roads, so we choose to offer excellent quality Brake Products as close as OEM standards so our customers can have the best quality at the best price.