Best Practices to Keep Your Brakes in Good Condition
Air Systems

Ensure your brake system is well-balanced.


Make sure your push rod is even on all chambers. To help, cut the push rod to the appropriate length.

Slack Adjuster

First, set your thorn up properly. 90 degree rules for manual apply. Also, use templates for automatic slacks (Exception: Haldex).


Make sure no grease is on your S-cam head. Aim for free play movement in and out, and up and down. Also, seal your installation.

Hardware Kits

Replace these completely, not only the springs.


Do a complete replacement, not only one wheel. The minimum should be a complete axle if it's not possible to do an entire unit.


Make sure to use heavy drums for severe applications.

Lining Wear Patterns

To begin, after removing drums look at the brake shoes and lining before you remove them off the wheel - it will tell you a story.

Brake Adjustment

Jack up axles and snub up brakes, then back off ¼ to ½ turn on manuals and use templates on automatics.

Brake Lining Burnishings

Heat up the brakes until you are able to smell them. Then, allow them to cool. Do this procedure within ¼ to 1 mile. Check wheel temperature with a heat gun.